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Coco Latex Baby Mattress 60 x 120 cm
Coco Latex Baby Mattress 60 x 120 cm
Coco Latex Baby Mattress 60 x 120 cm
Coco Latex Baby Mattress 60 x 120 cm

Coco Latex Baby Mattress 60 x 120 cm

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100% natural materials - Ultra breathable - Removable covers


 *Sold uniquely with Elysta beds. Not sold individualy.


Give your baby a 100% natural mattress for a healthy sleep with the Coco Latex Baby Mattress. This mattress is composed of a layer of coconut fiber which ensures a perfect support for the child's body and a layer of natural latex offering a soft and ultra comfortable reception. This baby mattress is the ideal compromise between softness and baby support.

The coconut fiber allows excellent air circulation and good moisture evacuation which limits the proliferation of bacteria and mites. Coconut thus ensures a natural anti-allergic action without any additional chemical treatment. The natural latex gives the mattress a unique surface comfort ideal to support the baby from birth to the moment he or she is placed in a large bed.

This mattress is covered with a Tencel® cover and polyester with soft comfort. Tencel® is a natural material made from eucalyptus wood pulp. It has a natural air-conditioning effect, allowing you to always sleep at the right temperature. Polyester is used to pass the fireproof standard and thus avoid the addition of chemicals. This cover is equipped with a large zipper which allows you to remove it easily and machine wash it at 30°C for perfect hygiene and a longer mattress life.

The Coco Latex Baby Mattress regulates baby's temperature perfectly in all seasons, it prevents the excessive sweating so frequent in children, which is often the cause of many night-time awakenings. The sleeping side is made on the latex part for better comfort.

The Coco Latex Baby Mattress is guaranteed without added chemical treatment and is OekoTex certified.


The little extras:

- 100% natural baby mattress for a healthier sleep

- Excellent regulation of the child's temperature

- Fully removable mattress cover, allows the cover to be washed.




Product details

  • Thickness : 12 cm
  • Place of manufacture: Spain
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Certification : OkeoTex ® n°2017OK0549
  • Density: 90kg/m3 + 48kg/m3
  • Standard : Complies with the requirements of decree n°2000-164 of 23 February 2000.
  • Treatment : No chemical treatment.
  • Removable: Yes
  • Anti-dust mites: Yes
  • Maintenance : Wash the cover in the machine 30°C / No tumble dryer.
  • Weight: 7 kg


*The coco latex mattress has been selected among the 3 best baby mattresses on the market by the magazine "Que choisir" in May 2019!